National Level Technical Symposium INFONIC17 Organized by Department Electronics and Communication and Engineering – Aug 19

This symposium will be a platform to exhibit the talent and skills of the aspirant engineers both in technical and non-technical base. This will leads to explore the generic ideas among student communities and to inspire the developing engineers with better exposure. The INFONIC’17 is intended to stimulate the talents and encourage innovative creativity of our engineers to exhibit themselves.

Symposium Events:
Technical Events:
Multimedia/Paper presentation:

• Present paper affiliated to any domain in Technical.
• Also Non-Technical papers are welcomed.
• Atmost two participants per paper is mandatory.
• Deals with technical questions from all domains of Electronics & Communication.
• 3Rounds will be conducted.
• Each round will have elimination based on marks obtained.
Code Strom:
• For using the practical knowledge.
• Ability of debug the errors from the circuits given is the ultimate aim.
• 2_3 rounds will be conducted.
• According to debugging ability winner is selected.
Catron Fest:
• Define “how you are well-versed in the technical concepts”.
• It is the table topic session, topics from ECE oriented will be given on the spot.
• 20_25 seconds will be given to prepare and present the speech.

Non-Technical Events:
Obstacle Breaker:

• Mainly for knowing “how you are smart clever to handle any situation with presence of thinking in efficient manner”.
• On the spot situational problems will be given to solve them with their brilliant talk.
• Focused to bring out the photographic skills.
• Candidates should bring the hard copy of their own photographs based on the topics given.
• Based on creativity and capturing skills winner is selected.
• Drop the cups by using balloon air.
• Create the pyramid using cups and balloons.
Mind Sweeper:
• Fun games will be conducted, mainly for presence of acting, adopting all challenges, tolerable ability to achieve the given goal will be tested.

Candidates will also participate in other events without attending Multimedia/Paper presentation.
Registration fee Rs.150/- is common for all.

Event Date: 19.08.2017
Co-coordinator: Ms.R.Pandimeena.,M.E.